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Personal Injury Lawyer

James Munafo & Associates, Personal Injury Lawyer at Parker Station

by jmdenver|Jun 8, 2019|Uncategorized

James Munafo is a decorated Personal Injury Lawyer. With offices in Parker, Colorado Springs, Denver our law office can help you all over Colorado. Personal Injury is a very broad area of law. When someone is injured due to the fault of another, an injury claim may need to be submitted to an insurance agency. Most people believe that since they pay their monthly insurance payments that if and when something happens, the insurance company will be there to help them. Sadly, this is very far from the truth.

Insurance Companies are financial firms. In fact, insurance agencies are some of the richest businesses in the world. According to NBC, insurance firms rake in BILLIONS of dollars per year. See, the money you pay per month gets invested. That’s how insurance firms make money. They don’t make money by paying out injury claims. This is why a Personal Injury Lawyer may be needed. An injury attorney fights to help you get your claim settled.

Parker Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been hurt a Parker Personal Injury Lawyer might be your best bet to submit your claim. James Munafo has decades of success. From auto accidents to slip and fall related injuries, James Munafo can help you with your injury claim. After a car crash or any injury accident you may have a ton of medical bills. Your expenses don’t stop just because you cannot work. This is one of the major things that a Personal Injury Lawyer can help you with.

If you, or a loved one, have become injured and need to submit a claim, call us today. We offer a free personal injury consultation. Our offices are located in Parker, Denver, and Colorado Springs. If you are too injured to come to our office James will come to you. We make hospital and in-home visits. If you require a weekend appointment, we can also accommodate that as well.

Parker Personal Injury Lawyer

If you require help to file an injury claim, please call James Munafo today. After a crash or an injury, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. First and foremost, going to the doctor is the only way to determine the level of your injuries. Only a medical professional can perform an exam. If you do not go to the doctor right away, a lawyer may not be able to link your injuries to your accident.

See, insurance companies have underwriters. Their job is to find out if your claim is valid or fraudulent. If you wait too long to go to the doctor after your accident, it may not be clear if your injury was sustained from the accident itself. James Munafo has won numerous awards, he has helped clients for nearly two decades acquire millions in injury settlements. Call today for a free consultation.