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Parker Personal Injury Attorney

James Munafo is a highly sought after, decorated Parker Personal Injury Attorney. With decades of experience and millions of dollars awarded to his injury clients, it’s no wonder why so many in Parker turn to Mr. Munafo after an accident. Life is a “full contact sport” and one that has it’s ups and downs. The question is, who do you turn to when something unexpectedly goes wrong? James Munafo just might be the shoulder you need to lean on.

Face it, no one wakes up in the morning expecting to get into a car crash or truck accident. When you visit the supermarket to purchase groceries, you don’t assume you’re going to slip and hit your head. Unfortunately, things like this happen. That’s why they call them accidents. After an injury sustained due to someone else’s negligence, call Mr. Munafo.

Parker Personal Injury Attorney Reviews

After an accident, you may be left with a slew of emotions. You might be stressed out over medical bills. Perhaps your injury was so severe that you cannot work, and you’re worried about household payments and money for your family. Even feelings of anger and frustration are normal after an accident. If you are looking to hire an accident lawyer in Douglas County, but you are unsure of who to hire, try reading Parker Personal Injury Attorney Reviews.

Don’t know where to look, not a problem, we can help. Online attorney review boards such as AVVO and FindLaw are great resources. You can also check out Google reviews by clicking on the blue link on law firm profile pages. The point is this, checking out what present and past clients have to say about an injury lawyer may be helpful. You’re an injury victim, just like the people leaving reviews. Another great way to gather information is to ask questions. Call our law firm today to James Munafo directly.

Free Injury Consultation with James Munafo

On top of reading online reviews, another great way to determine who to hire is to request a consultation. During an injury consultation, you can ask all sorts of questions. This can help reveal things to you about a potential attorney. The lawyers personality and attitude are important factors. You want to make sure you get along with an attorney. Trusting their ability is another key factor.

After an injury you have enough stress to worry about. Paying to meet with a lawyer isn’t something Mr. Munafo wants to add to your worries. This is why he ALWAYS offers free injury consultations. On top of providing a free consult, Mr. Munafo will even visit with you at your personal home or in the hospital if you are unable to come to our office.

How Much is my Personal Injury Case Worth?

This is the most asked question our law firm gets. It makes a lot of sense. After an accident injury, your medical bills and house hold expenses start to seem overwhelming. If you are too hurt to work, you also might be feeling the financial stress even more. Stress can take a toll on the best of us. So, we know how important it is to an injury victim to get a gauge for how much their claim is worth.

While no one can give you a 100% guaranteed set amount, as settlements are up for negotiation, Mr. Munafo can give you an estimate. If you would, for free, Mr. Munafo will analyze your accident injury claim. This helps him to create an estimated potential settlement value.

Injury Law Firms in Parker, CO

We know that you have a lot of options when look for Injury Law Firms in Parker, CO. James Munafo wants you to select the attorney that you truly feel is best for you. Reading reviews, asking questions, and attorney consultations all help a victim determine who to hire. At the end of the day, James Munafo cares that you are hurt. How do you know this?

Well, for starters, James Munafo & Associates is a boutique Personal Injury Law Firm. Even though we have offices in Parker, Colorado Springs, and Denver, we are not a “mass produced” firm. What we mean is that we are selective with our cases. Mr. Munafo handles EACH case personally. You will not be tossed around lawyer to lawyer. A paralegal will not be your primary contact point.

For James Munafo, an injury victim deserves direct access to their attorney. By focusing his practice on quality cases, he is able to provide the one on one attention you need after an accident. Call now to speak with Mr. Munafo Directly. Help is only a phone call away.

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