Worker’s Compensation

According to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, over 28,000 Workers’ Compensation claims were filed in 2011, in Colorado. Since 1917 most states have been protecting people injured on the job, with workers’ compensation insurance. Required by individual states, “workers’ comp” protects both the employer and employee, from getting embroiled in bitter litigation over who pays what for job-related injuries. Such disputes could create dangerous delays in medical treatment for the employee, and unknown amounts of liability for the employer.

Colorado Workers’ Comp Lawyers

In Colorado, Workers’ Compensation is “no fault” insurance. Regardless of whether hazardous conditions, mistakes by other employees, or simply errors on the part of the injured employee are the cause of the injury, the result is intended to be the same; quick medical treatment designed to help the employee heal and get back to work as soon as reasonably possible, create interim income (disability pay) for the employee if longer convalescence is required, and keep costs reasonable and predictable for the employer.

In 2011, each of the Colorado claimants was given a survey to assess their satisfaction with the workers’ comp process. Only 4100 responded, though their responses tend to indicate a reasonably-good grade card for the industry, as well as the state’s part in administering the claims.

Unfortunately, when the injuries are severe, such as mild to traumatic brain injury, the paperwork involved in handling the claim is often beyond the scope of the injured employee, and sometimes their traumatized families. This is where firms such as James Munafo & Associates come in, stepping up to take care of these details, and ensure that the claimant gets the required treatment, to the extent needed, especially when the client may be unable to work further.

We work calmly and efficiently to make sure the employee’s severe injury claim gets the attention it needs, resulting in quick response to needed medical issues, and fair long-term treatment.