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Englewood Lyft Accident Attorney

Englewood Lyft Accident Attorney

Shared transportation and ride taxi programs have helped make travel easier. There are a lot of people, from college students to the elderly, who may not have their own vehicle. Taxi services fees were ridiculously high. However, with companies like Lyft, ride sharing has become much more affordable. Not only have these types of services made getting to and from a destination easier, it’s also helped with DUI accidents. More people are choosing to simply “click” for a ride than to drive drunk.

The point is simply, there are a lot of positive benefits to Lyft and other ride share services. However, these types of transportation providers bring with it a whole slew of complicated legal issues. Mostly, when dealing with an auto accident claim. An Englewood Lyft Accident Attorney, like James Munafo, just might be your best bet when trying to sue Lyft or a driver after a car crash.

Can I sue Lyft and the driver after an accident? 

So, this is a tricky question. The answer is even more complicated. When your choosing to use a ride share program, in the very fine print of the contact terms and conditions, there are some limitations and waivers of liability that you accept. Now, most people are simply rushing to download the app and ride. Which makes senses. However, an Englewood Personal Injury Attorney might be helpful when trying to determine who you can sue.

If you’ve been injured in a Lyft accident, please call our law firm today. We offer a free car accident consultation, and we might even be able to calculate and estimated cash value of your potential settlement. Also, Mr. Munafo wants you to remember that you don’t have to be inside of the Lyft vechile to possibly have a claim. Here are some types of potential claims we can help you file:

  • Injured as a passenger in a Lyft vehicle
  • Injured in my own car by a Lyft driver hitting me
  • Hit by a Lyft driver while jogging or bike riding
  • Being a passenger in a private vehicle hit by a Lyft driver 
Englewood Lyft Accident Attorney

Englewood Lyft Accident Attorney