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Castle Rock Bicycle Accident Attorney

Castle Rock Bicycle Accident Attorney

Castle Rock Bicycle Accident Attorney James Munafo knows how to fight for your financial rights after an injury. Englewood, Aurora, Parker, and all of Douglas County, is a great place to go riding. In fact, on most Spring and Summer weekends, families and athletes alike take to the roads on their bikes. Since a bicycle is considered by the department of motor vehicles as an actual vehicle, you’re supposed to ride on the roads. This means you are sharing lanes with cars and trucks. When a motor vehicle hits you while your riding, you’re most likely going to seriously hurt.

James Munafo & Associates has a history of litigating and managing bicycle accident injury claims. If you, or a loved one, have been hurt while riding you bike, call our law firm today for a free consultation. No one goes out for a ride hoping to get hit. Yet, when it happens, turn to a tenured Douglas County Personal Injury Attorney.

Hire an Injury Attorney for a Bike Accident Case 

If you’ve been seriously injured while riding a bicycle in Castle Rock, call our law firm today. Bicycle accident cases are much different then car crash or truck accident claims. See, when you’re riding on the roads, you are sharing lanes. Insurance Lawyers might try and blame YOU for the accident. Whether you didn’t signal correctly, or you weren’t wearing reflective gear at dusk or night, to just flat out trying to turn the tables on your claim, you need a lawyer on your side.

Insurance companies hate bike injury claims. See, when two cars collide, while people often get hurt, the car’s frame typically absorbs a lot of the impact. However, when your hit while riding a bicycle, the light weight frame does nothing to protect you. Your BODY physically absorbs the impact. Thus, compound fractures, traumatic brain injury, and even death too often occur. A Castle Rock Bicycle Accident Attorney like James Munafo will fight for you.

Bike Accident Lawyers in Parker, CO 

There are a good amount of Bike Accident Lawyers in Parker, CO. So, who do you choose and how do you decide? Well, for starters, you can read online reviews. From Google to AVVO, James Munafo has glowing client reviews. With offices located in Parker, Colorado Springs, and Denver we service all of Douglas County.

If you would like to schedule a free injury consultation, please call our law firm today. We have the experience and results you need when trying to get financially compensated after a bike accident.

Castle Rock Bicycle Accident Attorney

Castle Rock Bicycle Accident Attorney