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Aurora Car Accident Attorney

Aurora Car Accident Attorney

Getting into a car accident is very scary. The Colorado Department of Public Safety released a report indicating that fatal car accidents increased 12% during the most recent year. Understanding what to do after a car accident is crucial. The most important step is to STOP. It is unlawful to drive away from the scene. Even if the accident is minor, it is required that you remain on the premise. The vehicles involved in the accident should remain stationary unless they interfere with traffic. Only then should you move the vehicle following the accident. Aurora Car Accident Attorney James Munafo has decades of experience.

The most important step following a car accident is to consult an attorney. Many attorneys offer free phone consultations. Use this to your advantage and better understand your situation. Personal injury attorneys work on contingency fees meaning they don’t get paid until you get paid! There are typically no legal fees unless compensation for your injuries has been paid out. A lawyer can protect your rights and preserve key evidence needed in your defense. The success of most cases is dependent on the evidence. It’s vital to call your attorney immediately to make protecting your rights stress-free. Lots of times insurance companies will request an immediate statement following the accident. Consult your lawyer before issuing any comments on your medical condition or any information regarding the incident.

What to do after a Car Accident?

After a car accident, make sure to protect yourself and those involved. The accident may bring out emotion. Try to remain calm and protect you and other bystanders. If possible set up flares to alert passing by car of the danger. Your hazard lights are also a great scene to notify others of the danger. When the scene is safe, call 911 immediately. They can offer the best support for filing an insurance claim and getting the right medical attention. For most insurance companies, you will need a police report in order to file a claim.

How to file an accident claim in Douglas County, CO?

The easiest way to file an accident claim in Douglas County is to call the police immediately after the auto collision. Even if there are no injuries, the police can file a report which is needed to file a claim with your insurance company. It’s imperative that when speaking to the officer that you provide facts that you are certain about. If you are unsure, it’s ok to let the police offer know. Do not guess or speculate. It’s also important sure to make sure the other parties statements of the incident are true. False claims will complicate the process and prolong your insurance claim.

What if you are injured in a car accident?

Car accidents can bring a lot of stress to the human body. The human body is fragile. After an accident, your brain releases adrenaline which acts as a pain relief. It’s extremely difficult to decipher how your body is feeling. Often times, pain and injuries will surface hours after the incident has occurred. When speaking to law enforcement, make it clear that you are unable to tell if you are injured. This will protect you down the road if symptoms do arise. The neck and back are the most common types of injuries from auto collisions. They will not become apparent until hours later or even the next day. It’s critical that you take pictures of the scene. Take as many pictures as possible. Don’t forget to take photos of any injuries and of all vehicles and parties involved. Take pictures of the roadway as well as nearby signs. You can never take too many pictures.

How do I Report My Car Accident to my Insurance Company?

After you have taken photos of the scene, you should exchange information with all parties involved. This information should include name, address, telephone number, and insurance policy. Make sure to record the information for all passengers in the vehicle.  Typically, the police officer will record this information, but in case they don’t show up you want to have a copy for your insurance claim. If there are any witnesses, make sure to record their contacts as well just in case your lawyer needs to speak to them.

If the police arrive and file an official police report, the officer will provide you with a police report number. This number can be used to retrieve the police report down the road for your insurance provider. If the incident occurs on a state highway, you will need to contact the state police with the report number. It’s critical to report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. Many firms require immediate reporting. Some insurance policies include medical coverage. This coverage is known as “medpay”. This comes at a premium but is a great medical benefit. Medpay benefits are eligible to anyone within the vehicle at the time of the accident. Your insurance rate should not increase as a result of filling a medpay claim! Medpay only covers the amount outlined on your policy. Get a checkup for any injuries immediately. You will need to file a medpay claim with your insurance company in order to be reimbursed. Coverage is only valid for a certain number of days following the accident. After the medpay has been exhausted, it’s up to private health insurance to be your main insurer.

Who is the Best Car Accident Attorney in Aurora, CO?

There are lots of great injury lawyers. With over 26 years of car accident experience, I have settled millions of dollars in car accident claims. I take my business very seriously. We believe in focusing on injury advocacy, and working to ensure a maximum settlement is achievable. Our firm fights for your rights and make sure you are properly covered! Insurance companies constantly fight to under serve customers despite our unwavering loyalty. Read my reviews on Yelp and Avvo. The firm is constantly rated one of the top car accident law firms in Aurora, CO. I provide the best client care and I will explain to you in easy to understand terms how we can win your case. Our firm’s motto is, “Large Firm Skills. Small Firm Service.” We truly mean that. Call me today and I will speak directly to you. Help is one phone call away.

Aurora Car Accident Attorney

Aurora Car Accident Attorney